Welcome to Premier Management & Review Solutions! 


  • Standard TAT for UM review is 1 business day/ Same day TAT available 
  • TAT can be customized to meet client needs 
  • Peer reviewer coverage for both East and West Coast clients. 
  • Dedicated customer service and special handling for each client, ensuring expectations are exceeded and any potential obstacles are addressed proactively.


  • All peer reviewers have extensive experience and are provided ongoing training 
  • All reports are reviewed by our QA team prior to final delivery
  • Determinations are made according to evidence based medical guidelines and are consistent with industry best practices.



  • Our reviewer panel has extensive experience working with various organizations specializing in workers' compensation, group health, complex pharmacy, peer review, disability, and liability case reviews.
  • Our reviewers have completed well over 50,000 reviews to date, have served as expert witnesses, industry spokespersons, lecturers, and leaders in the medical review community.