Lines Of Business


We provide support in monitoring prescription costs by focusing on the most effective treatment approach via peer to peer discussion. Our expert physician advisors assist in communicating guidelines with recommendations for weaning and discontinuation of inappropriate medications, while focusing on the best treatment approach for the claimant.

Workers Compensation

We provide Workers’ Compensation peer reviews to carriers, managed care organizations, Utilization Review Organizations and third party administrators. WC Peer reviews include utilization reviews and file reviews. We understand the importance of state specific requirements, and we offer state match options to meet those state requirements while applying state specific guidelines with a focus on client specific turn around times.


We provide peer reviews to disability carriers through an expert physician advisor panel, who are qualified to assess a claimant’s overall functionality, capabilities, restrictions & limitations, with a focus on return to work whenever possible. Both STD and LTD reviews are available, to address functionality vs. workability.


We provide review of questions for No Fault/PIP and Liability claims. Our physician advisors focus on addressing medical necessity, causation-related issues, pre-existing issues, treatment frequency and/or duration and maximum medical improvement.

Group Health

We provide services to group health plans. Services include utilization and quality of care reviews.

We Offer

Access to Physician Advisor Panel

Specialty Match Options

Sorting and labeling of records

Quality Assurance process on all reviews

Customized client specific reports & templates

Physicians are available for deposition and testimonies